Communications & Evangelization

Reach, Teach, Send

The Cathedral Community Communications and Evangelization Committee is working to share the parish mission ("Reach, Teach, Send") as broad as possible using a variety of old and new media tools.
Most recently, the committee has workled with a professional web developer to redesign and retool our website, to make it more interactive and an easy-to-use source for information on all parish events, committees, ministries and liturgies. The committee has produced a new "welcome" video posted on our homepage and is developing  a strategy to use social media (Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare for now) to reach a larger audience and send more people to our website.
The committee's future plans include using QR codes on all print publications (bulletin, brochures, newsletter) to provide the most recent information.
The committee welcomes new members.  Please give Mark a call if you are interested.


Mark Hare, Chair


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